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We played chess not so much to enjoy the game as just to kill time. I don't want to hurt her. The Dead Sea lies below sea level. Tell her I'll come back. There's no explanation for what happened to Michael. Don't leave your work unfinished.

Don't spit on the floor! What time do you usually get up on Saturday? I want to send an airmail letter to Poland. Did you get a good look at the intruder? Let's compare the translation with the original.

Is there water on Mars? Except for big parties, I never drink alcohol. I will let you go home at once.

I have been anxious about my son's safety. Nathaniel convinced me you were the best person for the job. Eileen brought this. Every day has a sequel. His body has never been discovered. Anita doesn't want me to help you. It's getting very late. She has three children. Do you think Brandy kissed Slartibartfast? She succeeded in getting herself elected as mayor.

Ted bought a newspaper and read it on the train. If Gigi had had enough money, he would have gone to Boston with Teruyuki. Ask him anything. Mitchell thought Carisa was lying about where she'd been. You said we were going shopping. I am changing my clothes. You must've hated Indra for what he did.

I don't have anything to complain about. Terry wasn't expected to live. There'll always be someone who'll need our protection. It's very decent of you to help me.

They're ignoring me. Hrmmm, to judge from their looks they might be from Shanghai. I cannot cut the meat by myself. Help me.

I don't know how to help her. Guilt is written all over your face. I didn't understand the meaning. I've been thinking it over. If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at those he's given it to. I want to go to the beach. It's so cold tonight.

They like ragtime, jazz and music with a swing to it.

To tell you the truth, I'm completely bored. Vic wasn't expected to live. I want to buy a few pairs of sunglasses. This desk is too small for her. Claude was tough.